The Chalk Art Contest Awards Go To…

And the chalk art awards go to….
For the most photos of the event posted on FB: Michael Mansen (If there was an award for the most creative descriptions we’d give you that award too!)
For the 2nd most event photos posted on FB: Jenny Treece
3rd Place Art Entry: A tie between 212 W. Ann St & 310 N Stewart
2nd Place Art Entry: 1637 Molly Drive
1st Place Art Entry: 2702 Marvin

Thanks to all who participated in the chalk art contest. The judges really struggled to choose the winners because all of the entries were great! The judges were asked to make their decision based on who best met the theme, but everyone did a great job meeting the theme……and the artwork was incredible to boot! After much debate winners were selected, but the judges has such a tough time decided that they diced that in addition to awarding 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places, they will also be sending additional awards out to all who participated!