Nevada Day Chalk Art Contest on Good Day Carson

Kassandra Butterfield was kind enough to invite Megan LoPresti, a member of the Carson City Host Lions Club and chair of the Nevada Day Chalk Art Contest, to come on the NGBN.TV’s Good Day Carson to discuss the details Nevada Day Chalk Art Contest.

*Note: the submission date for participation forms has been extended to 10/28/20 at 9:00pm. See additional information

Chalk Art Contest Deadline Extended

Great news, the Chalk Art Contest deadline has been extended! We were able to secure more chalk, so the deadline to sign up for the Nevada Day Chalk Art Contest has been extended to Oct. 28th at 9:00 PM. The contest is open to all Carson City residents. The entry fee is $10.00 which includes free chalk. Art entries can work on their contest entries anytime between Oct 29th after participants receive their free chalk delivery until approximately 10am Oct. 31st when viewing of contest entries by the public and judges begins. Prizes will be awarded to the 3 art entries that best meet the theme and also to 2 viewers who post the most photos of the event to our FB page. Event details, entry forms, sponsorship info, event maps and more can be found on the Nevada Day Chalk Art event page.